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For Instructors

Are you interested in earning $20+ per hour teaching a language you already know how to speak? 

If yes, you should consider teaching a Beyond Fluency English lesson. Unlike other ESL Schools, we don't require any language teaching certification. Instead, we want people who can be kind and patient educators.


"I loved working for Beyond Fluency because it offers a unique platform for students to learn English. There is so much more to the English language than grammar, and common greetings. Beyond Fluency offers creative lessons and topics, where students can learn slang words, and necessary phrases to engage in English Conversations.

If you are thinking of teaching with Beyond Fluency, do not hesitate to apply.  The team is very organized, and accountable, and the lessons are beyond fun to teach!"

Sarah Frehlick from Vancouver

If you are interested in being a Beyond Fluency instructor, please email your resume to  

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