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For Intermediate Students

Can you speak English at a basic level, but would still like to speak more confidently in your daily life? Our intermediate-level lessons are focused on helping people communicate confidently in everyday life situations the way native speakers do. 

You can either attend lessons individually or part of a course. All of our courses include a free 1-on-1 coaching session, ongoing support and a certificate for successful completion.

If you are someone who is just an English beginner or know someone that is, we recommend you get your English to a basic, early intermediate level first. A good way of doing this is with Duolingo, a free app.

Life Mastery English


Full Course: $120 (8 Lessons)

Individual Lesson: $20


Want to be able to confidently survive in the world using English? In our Life Mastery lessons, we teach you vocabulary and expressions that people use in their daily lives in real life settings. We cover a range of topics including grocery shopping, clothes shopping, cooking and dining out. As your English improves, we will get you interacting more with real people. These lessons are for intermediate students. 


Learn more about our Life Mastery English lessons below:


Grocery Shopping

Don't know how to find the food you want in a grocery store in English? We'll teach you where to find the food you want in the store, the names of different containers and how to interact with the shopkeepers for help. 


Knowing the Neighbourhood

Do you know the difference between graffiti and street art or what a 'Dumpster Diver' is? Learn vocabulary and expressions for describing the neighbourhood you are in. Also, learn about the different shops and services available in your community. 


Clothes Shopping

Don't know how to get the perfect clothing piece in English? We'll take you to a clothing store and teach you all about clothes, the patterns, the items, fashion and style, and how to talk with a shopkeeper to get the clothes and sizes you want.

Navigating the Neighbourhood

Do you have trouble finding your direction in the city? Would you like to be able to give good directions? Learn how to comfortably get around the city (on foot or by transit), ask/give directions, and learn how to describe your location.


Household Shopping

Do you know how to do the laundry, clean your house, heal a English? We'll take you to a drug store where you'll practice with staff in shopping for the necessities of daily life. 



Don't know how to cook in English? We'll teach you what the names of kitchen locations, cooking equipment and techniques in English so you can cook with confidence in English. At the end of the lesson, enjoy a home-cooked meal with your instructor.


Dining Out

Is ordering food at a restaurant difficult sometimes? Don't know how ask for  a doggy bag or what that even is? Learn how to speak to a waiter/waitress, make an order, and converse during dinner like a native speaker. 


Cafe Conversations

Are you having trouble expressing yourself in English? Would you like to know how to use slang and correct your pronunciation? Have coffee with a native speaker and get feedback on your English to become a better speaker. Learn slang and colloquial expressions. 

Ready to use English confidently in your daily life?

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