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Our Approach

Real World

We believe that one can only get so far just learning a language in a classroom. Our approach is to have students learning English in the real world, taught by native speakers and interacting with native speakers. 

Scenario Based

We believe people best learn vocabulary and expressions when they are included as part of scenarios they encounter in their everyday life. In our Survival English classes, students learn English by cooking, going grocery shopping and  performing other normal life activities.


The best way to get better at speaking a language is to use it. In our classes, we challenge our students to speak and interact as much as possible. In our more advanced classes, students will practice everyday expressions with the instructor and then with people in the real world.

Immediate Feedback

Research has shown that the faster one gets quality feedback, the faster one learns. We want you the student to speak and make mistakes. You are in good hands; our instructors provide immediate feedback, correcting errors in grammar and pronunciation so you can improve faster.

Vocabulary In Real Context

Vocabulary is not supposed to be learned in isolation, it is best learned in context. You the student will encounter the language in a more real and natural way.  You will be seeing, hearing, and using the language how it is meant to be used in real time.  We encourage and teach compounds, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, chunking of words and longer stretches of language. We also get our students to use the word or language in a sentence whenever possible.  We feel this enhances fluency and encourages students to speak in a more natural way, like a native speaker. 

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Lee showing students how to navigate in a mall
Alex teaching students how to give directions. He is acting out a real life scenario
Students interacting with the instructor during a Cafe Conversations lesson
Our instructor giving immediate feedback to our students
Our instructor teaching dining expressions in a restaurant with students

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