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Lee Haber


While attending a Mandarin lesson at a traditional language school, Lee realized that he wasn’t really learning anything or getting better at Mandarin. He also realized that studying on his own only got him so far, that the only way he would become fluent was through practice. He started thinking that there must be a better way to learn a new language.


Lee brings with him experience in small business and startups. Lee loves learning languages and has proficiency in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Mandarin.

English Instructors

Archibald Singh


Archie is currently a second-year student at the University of British Columbia, studying Economics. A native of Vancouver, Archie has always been proficient in the English language, particularly writing. With a passion for linguistics as well, Archie strives to help others in mastering his native tongue of English the same way others guide him in his journey in learning other languages, whether it be Spanish or Mandarin.

While Archie aspires to enter the field of data analysis and technology, his desire to explore new languages and foreign cultures as well as his passion for sharing knowledge will never take a backseat.

Janelle Salm


Janelle is originally from Saskatchewan and then moved out to Vancouver to study business at UBC. She has already travelled to 15 countries and hopes to visit a lot more in the coming future to learn about many diverse cultures. She has experience teaching public speaking and English as a Teaching Assistant at UBC, tutoring children, and coaching basketball. In her spare time, she loves snowboarding and cake decorating!

Emilee Morrish

Emilee was born in Canada but raised overseas in Indonesia. She has travelled
extensively throughout many parts of Southeast Asia, and has tutored students in variouslevels of English wherever she goes. She is currently a student of UBC’s Classics department, where she plans on completing her degree in Classical Archaeology. She looksforward to exploring the world through both ancient and modern civilizations and cultures. Her love of language is something fundamental that she will always carry with her, and which she anticipates sharing with others through her own passion and curiosity.

Spanish Instructors

Edgar Alvarez

Edgar Alvarez was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, and his dream was to explore the world. Nowadays he studies in Vancouver, he also studied a degree in engineering in Mexico. He has taught support classes to high school students.


Edgar enjoys teaching and learning new languages ​​and cultures as well as his experiences with his students.

Jessica Santos

Jessica Santos is a Mexican student of Hospitality in Vancouver BC,  she is a world traveler and innate foodie. She  loves meeting new people and discover new cultures. As she started to study French,  Mandarin and English she realized that the secret of success in learning a language is  practice. She loves to teach and train people,  she used to be a tutor in school and she has taught a lot of sales and marketing courses in her professional career.

Citlalli Gonzalez

Originally from Mexico, Citlalli likes meeting new people, places and experiences. She really enjoy being outdoors, being in touch with the nature and practicing different sports. 

The passion for teaching Spanish as a second language started when friends from college asked her to help them learn her native language. Since then, she realized how much she enjoys it. Citlalli likes to share tips and tricks of her native language to help people learn faster in a friendly environment.

Marta Bonet Candau

Marta is from Barcelona, Spain. Marta lived in Italy and Argentina while finishing her studies in Advertising and Public Relations, and currently in Vancouver, where she will start her studies in International Business and Management. She loves to travel and meet new cultures and new people. She is very sociable and passionate about helping others. Marta has been a teacher in Spain, she has worked in the reinforcement of some subjects of the students. She loves teaching.

Natasa Micovic

An avid debater and political blogger, Natasa brings her love for language and over 5 years of teaching experience to the Beyond Fluency team. In addition to English, Natasa speaks Serbo-Croatian and French, and thus understands the struggles new speakers face when learning a language. Therefore, she strives to create a safe and engaging learning environment where everyone can reach their full potential. As a third-year political sciences student (UBC) and policy consultant for the Department of Defence, Natasa speaks with a knowledge and confidence that is passed on to students. She looks forward to becoming the foreigner when she begins attending Sciences Po in Menton, France. Natasa’s best friend is her cat, Salsa. In her spare time, she likes to cook, garden, make ceramics or DJ.

Annalise Fischer 

Annalise was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and came to Vancouver to study German and Creative Writing at UBC. Along with finishing her last year of university, she volunteers as a First Aid attendant at events at UBC, and likes to read for fun as much as possible. She has spent several years helping create an inclusive and safe environment at UBC through various volunteer roles, including running workshops on community building and communication, and general first aid topics.


Through personal experience Annalise knows that learning as well feeling comfortable speaking a new language can be challenging, and at times discouraging, and wants to help build the confidence of every student.

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