Referral Program

We realize it can be more fun to do things with your friends. It also feels good to share things that have helped you with others. 

That's why we want to reward you for sharing our real life English lessons with your friends. If your friend attends a lesson, you earn $5 and they save $5 off their first lesson.*

How does it work?

  1. Print out our Referral Cards. (We will also be giving them out at lessons.)

  2. Write your name and email address on each one. (This is so we know you referred them)

  3. Give them to your friends.

  4. Have your friend sign up for a lesson online.

  5. Have them bring the card to the lesson. Our instructor will give your friend the reward.

  6. Your friend saves $5 on the lesson! (Yippee!)

  7. You get $5 off your next lesson. (Or transferred to you by Paypal or E-Transfer). 

*Referral program only applies when a student new to Beyond Fluency is invited