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What We Teach

We teach lessons to students who have attained at a minimum a basic level to speak and understand English. Our lessons are focused on helping people communicate confidently in everyday life situations the way native speakers do. 

You can either attend lessons individually or part of a course. All of our courses include a free 1-on-1 coaching session, ongoing support and a certificate for successful completion.

If you are someone who is just an English beginner or know someone that is, we recommend you get your English to a basic, early intermediate level first. A good way of doing this is with Duolingo, a free app.

Survival English


Full Course: $120 (8 Lessons)

Individual Lesson: $20


Want to be able to confidently survive in the world using English? In our Survival English lessons, we teach you vocabulary and expressions that people use in their daily lives in real life settings. We cover a range of topics including grocery shopping, clothes shopping, cooking and dining out. As your English improves, we will get you interacting more with real people. These lessons are for intermediate students. 

Learn more about our Survival English lessons below:

Confident Conversational English

Confident Conversationalist Course: $150 (10 lessons)

Individual Lesson: $20 (1.5 hours)


Want to be able to confidently discuss your favourite topics in English with native speakers? Our Confident Conversationalist English lessons will help you speak with confidently about a wide range of subjects, ranging from Science and Technology to Celebrity Gossip. The lessons are for Late Intermediate and Advanced English learners.

Here are the Confident Conversation Lessons we teach:

Understanding Canada Series


Understanding Canada Package: $75 (5 lessons)

Individual Lesson: $20 (1.5 hours)

Do you want to learn more about Canada the country and Canadian culture? In our Understanding Canada series of lessons, we teach you all about Canada, Vancouver and important sports like hockey so that you can fit in more easily.

Here are the lessons we teach in our Understanding Canada series:

Courses and Packages


Special Lessons

We also offer some special individual lessons like if you want to understand North American TV programs or work on your pronunciation. 

Here are the special lessons we currently offer:

We are always adding new lesson ideas to help our students learn more.

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Want to learn together with your friends or coworkers? 

We also offer Private Lessons